Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy                                            

It's a group of young, talented and energetic artists who came together to organize themselves for a common cause. They now consist of 302 members aged 5–18 and those aged 18-25 who are involved in the emplacement programs. They are trained by 15 professionals who are former beneficiaries of the same project in the traditional arts of the different cultures of Uganda and the great lakes region. 

Prioritizing artistically talented but socially disadvantaged and vulnerable children and youth, the group aims to break the vicious cycle of poverty and enable young people's ambitions to fully bloom. It provides:
  • shelter
  • free music
  • dance and drama skills training
  • educative leisure activities for youth and children in the urban slums of Kabalagala/Kampala, capital of Uganda and neighboring communities. 
We are
  • A voluntary Non-Governmental, Non-profit making community based organization founded by Brother Lezon Mark Mugwanya in 1993 
  • Registered as Sosolya Undugu Family Academy as of Feb 2017 under Number 12741, Charity Number S.5194/13010
It's a project initiative with a mission
  • to promote skills development 
  • to organizing educational and leisure activities for street and internally displaced youth and children.

This leisure activity occupies the children and youth in their free time and becomes a concrete possibility for them to get free education through scholarships awarded to talented students.